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Bucket tool (polygon and polyline) and more


I do very often create closed geometries (pen+fill) while designing: sometimes 2d only, sometimes as a shape to extrude/pull/push for massing.


An "hidden treasure" I recently re-discovered is the "bucket option" (inner boundary mode) in the 2d polygon tool (while I am used to it creating slabs). Most design software/apps would probably emphasise - in their UI/UX - the action needed while designing (fill that blank area!) rather than trusting the capacity of the users to remember where exactly the mode of a tool is located.

Furthermore, besides geometrical and/or code technicalities, I wouldn't be able to determine any difference in terms of shaping between a closed polyline and polygon.


A few enhancement proposals/requests, increasing visual consistency and going for fewer but smarter tools (which looks the way VW has developed lately, and I really appreciate it)

  1. combine 2d Polygon, 3d Polygon and Polyline in just one tool
  2. introduce a "bucket tool", which could simply do what the "2d polygon > inner boundary mode" and the "menu > modify > combine into surface" are already doing.
  3. if not, please add a "inner boundary mode" to the Polyline tool (which means > turn the "combine into surface" menu command into a visual "mode" icon under the polyline tool)
  4. combine "menu > model > extrude" and the "push/pull" tools (here I see the geometrical difference... but... after all the love given to the push/pull tool in VW2021... not sure how, but it would be nice to have these 2 actions somehow combined... the extrude command looks almost a legacy from a previous 2d world)
  5. (please please please) make the Reshape tools > "Add/Delete Vertex" and "Hide or show edges" mode available for the rectangles family as well. In my experience this is soo confusing: the same tool non-acting on similar shapes (although made with different tools/geometries), and requesting many extra steps (e.g.: select a shape > want to hide an hedge > find out it was made with the rectangle tool > convert it to polyline (ouch, that conversion to polyline popup window asking for more choices...) or > pick a vertex and deform it > go back to a rectangular shape with snaps and smart edges > add vertex and/or hide/show edges.


Not sure if this has to do with UI/UX @Ian Lane or with tools enhancements @Donald Ward.


PS: I've just realized that the "menu > modify > convert to polyline" command might be for some localised European versions only, can't find it in the VW Architect US/international licence.

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introduce a "bucket tool", which could simply do what the "2d polygon > inner boundary mode" and the "menu > modify > combine into surface" are already doing.


This we have already: keep the shift key pressed while using the polygon in "bucket" mode.

At each click it will keep on adding to the generated poly and to whatever eligible geometry you have previously selected.

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@_c_ wow, thanks a lot, this is very useful: clipping/adding also works with slabs, avoiding the "blind editing effect" when in Slab Editing Mode @zoomer

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Yes, but in very short time you will have a large bunch of overlapping

addition/subtraction Modifiers in your Slab.


And to clean up you have to go into "blind" Slab Edit Mode again,

where you can't estimate what to delete and what not.

(I mostly delete just all and start from scratch)


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