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I have created a cube on design layer. Now suppose I zoom on that cube and create viewport of this view on a sheet layer, although the scale of design & sheet layer is same, the drawing on design layer & sheet layer has different dimensions. Why is this happening and how can I correct it? Also the ruler value on design layer & sheet layer shows different numbers. Whay does that happen?



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To start with the rulers:

The rules in the design layer are showing the real world distances, the rules on the sheet layer are showing the page distances.

Taking the horizontal ruler

Units are mm, paper size is A3 (420x297mm) landscape then you should see 210mm on each end of the page with the center (0) in the middle with the sheet layer ruler.

On the design layer rulers these values would have a factor of 50, i.e. 10500 on each end with 0 at the center.


Regarding dimensioning, if you set the view of the viewport to top plan you should see the dimension you put in. If you double click on the viewport and select annotation and then dimension the cube you should get the correct value of 4000 again. (or front, without using narrow or wide perspective)


It looks like I have a dimensioning issue with dimensions not being made (listed by someone as a bug fix for the Architecture version) so will try again later and get back further on this.

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The only way to show real world (scaled) dimension on a sheet layer is to work on the part of the sheet layer that is already scaled. The Viewport.


Double Click on the Viewport and choose to edit the Annotations. Any dimensions that you draw in the Annotations group will use the scale of Viewport.


If you draw dimensions in Annotations and then change the scale of the viewport, the dimension will remain in the correct places and will scale with the viewport.


If you place dimensions in Annotations and get the small green squares that indicate Associated Dimensions, you can then double click those dimensions and change the dimension value and the objects will move on the design layer to the new location specified. You can only (??) associate dimensions with corner points (or at least snap points) of objects and get this to work. If you have Associated Dimensions and your move an object on the Design Layer, the Associated Dimension in the Viewport will follow the move and automatically update.


Ask again if you need more information.

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4 hours ago, BGD said:

@Art V So, is there a way to show real world distances ruler on sheet layer?


Pat answered that question in his reply. When you dimension on the sheet layer itself it will use the units and scale of the sheet layer, e.g. if you have a 100mm distance at scale 1:5 on the viewport then it will dimension as 20mm on the sheet layer. To get the 100mm in your dimension you would need to dimension either on the design layer or in the annotation layer of the viewport.


In DWG there is the option to provide a linear scale for dimensions so that in this case you could dimension on the sheet layer, get 20mm as dimension and set the linear scale to 5 and the dimension value will be multiplied with 5 and show 100mm. This can be useful for an object placed directly on a sheet layer that is at a certain scale and needs a dimension.

If you think it is useful to have an option to scale the dimension values on sheet layers to match the viewport scale in VW you could make it a wish list request.

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