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I was wondering if VW2020 can change your tool sets into a list.

My workspace only has symbols and I have noticed that you are able to have the symbol and the name of the symbol next to it.  As I have just started learning VW the list would make it much easier than hovering over each symbol at first.





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At the bottom of the tool sets palette there is a little triangle pointing down.  Click that triangle.  There will be options to show tools as Icons, Icons and Text, or just Text. 

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Great thank you that simple 😁  


Just finishing a course, but feeling like I haven't been given much, will have to do the bulk of the learning myself I think.


thanks for your help

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Vectorworks is a very deep program and used in many different industries in many different ways.


A short (couple of day) course can only expose you to the basics of the workflow the instructor is teaching.


You are right, you will need to take the time to learn the parts of VW that work the way you want to work. If something does not work for you, don't use it and figure out what works best for you.


This forum is the best place to ask questions and get help in figuring out what will work best for you.


There was a teacher in Los Angeles who started teaching VW predecessor, MiniCAD, a long time ago. When Classes were added, she did not want to have to redo her book or classes, so the first thing she said in her classes was that she thought Classes were a bad thing and that no one should use them. I thought (and think) she was wrong.


Just because someone is teaching a class does not mean that you should do everything exactly as they say after you are out of class.



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If you can afford the time to ask a question, ask it here.  Nobody expects you to read the manual, cover to cover.  Wait... What? Manual?

Seriously, ask it here.  Some of us play a game of can we beat Pat to answering the question.  We usually lose.  Michael scores one.

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Oh, are we still playing?  ;-)


I will give you all a kind of head start this week. I am traveling to the each coast and will be away from the computer Tues/Wed/Thurs and on planes Mon/Friday.


But I will be on the East Coast so I will have a 3 hour head start on the CA contingent.


On your mark, get set, GO!

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Yes I probably just expected a bit more from a Uni course which was squished into a semester :-).    I am self taught on AutoCAD too, so why not Vectorworks ha ha, really enjoying what Vectorworks offers for Landscaping.  I just need to customise what I need for my business, it will just take time.


I will definitely carry on using this forum, thanks for your help.

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@Heidi I’m self taught on VEctorworks, I’m guessing many of us here are.  I used Johnathan Pickup’s archoncad website as my Primary study material.  My best advise it to tackle one subject at a time and master it.  General 2d drafting, layout, and sheet vs design layers is a fundamental to figure out first imho.


After that,  Planting is a great place to start for most because almost all LA work has plants and automating that workflow is very helpful.  Plus, the tool uses a lot of other concepts that will be used later (2d/3D behavior, scheduling, legends, symbols).

Hardscapes are a good second concept to wrestle with.  With those two under your belt, Figuring out worksheets is pretty useful.  Then onto walls and roofs 🙂  Furnishings, lighting, and irrigation are pretty easy after those other topics.


I think the capstone for people is site modeling, it’s kind of tricky and clunky.  Admittedly, I started with this due to a project I was working on and skipped the idea of developing projects in 2D.  There were some struggles at first, especially with regards to retaining structures and drainage.  If you can dedicate an hour each day to mastering a particular workflow, you will be productive before you know it.  But like learning a new language or working out... use it or lose it 😉


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