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We use a database of keynotes based on CSI spec section numbers and when we place them we don't place them in numerical order.  This is an issue because the keynote legend is based on the order that the note was dropped.  Does anyone have a work around to reorder the keynotes in the legend to be sorted in ascending order?  I know I can edit the legend and move them up and down manually but this is more work than should be necessary. 

Sample file is attached. 




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Ha!  I knew I could drag them up and down but I did not realize pressing the bar at the top would sort them.   Weird thing is that they are still out of order in your example.  Pressing the sort button on the number column does not work but it does work when I press the Description column.  Thank you so much for the insight. 


I did create a worksheet to display and sort my keynotes because I could not get this to work.   I may still end up using the worksheet because I can filter keynotes by sheets and layers rather than going through the process of assigning keynotes to individual keynote lists.  


FYI the hidden value to display the text of a keynote is ='Callout'.'Text'



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