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SetWSCellFormulaN - really necessary creating a new worksheet?

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Is it really necessary, to create a new worksheet, everytime I run the script again?


a) or can I "assign the worksheet to the handle in another way, too? (still looking for the way)


b) is there any way, to check, wether a worksheet of a specific name already exists in the file?


worksheet := CreateWS('Wohnungstypen-Auto', 5, 2);


SetWSCellFormulaN(worksheet, zeile, 1, zeile, 1, inString);

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Hi @matteoluigi ,

   You can get the handle to any named object using GetObject() like this:


    H := GetObject('Wohnungstypen-Auto');
    if (H <> nil) & (GetTypeN(H) = 18) then begin    { type 18 = Worksheet }

       { do worksheet stuff here }
    end;        { if }


   It is always wise to check a handle's validity and type before using it.






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Worksheets are just like any other VW object and can be accessed a number of different ways.


As Raymond says, Naming the worksheet might be the easiest way.


But you could also use criteria to get a handle to the Worksheet Image on the drawing and then use that to get the handle to the actual worksheet so you can edit it.

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