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Unwanted diagonal lines appear on section viewport



Hello there, 


So I am still exploring VW2020 and how to do things properly. On my section viewports, unwanted diagonals appear on some of my walls or roofs, as if VW tried to triangulate them. On this issue, I have read other posts suggesting to un-join walls or to redo them, but it didn't helped me. 


The image bellow was rendered in cartoon style with no other renders (not even lines or hidden lines). These problematic lines are not on the section plan and they cannot attract the cursor, they are really just generated by the cartoon render style. 







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Have rendered the section viewport in realistic RW style, the issue still occurs. 


Edit : 

Actually, after having done some tests,  this issue occurs 

- when "artistic lines" is ticked in realistic RW style 

- if you chose "cartoon style" in artistic RW style 


The workaround is simply to avoid the artistic RW styles (which also cause shadows issues in section VP), untick "artistic lines" in realistic RW style and use instead a foreground render "lines only" or "lines and hidden lines". 

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This story is not finished yet 🙂 


When I render sections with realistic RW styles another issue occurs : Some lines vanish. I would need help on this one please. 


So, we have walls that line up with slabs. Sometimes a line appear, which is what I want and sometimes it doesn't appear, as shown on the picture attached. How to control this ? How this that work ? 


Do objects on the same plan merge together ? In this case, does that mean that some of my walls are not perfectly lined up with my slabs (due to these kind of micro drawing inaccuracies) ?





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Yes, those unwanted lines often appear because of little drawing inaccuracies.


If you want these lines, I think you would have to model something,

like in reality there would exist some kind of fugue.

Or by misusing inaccuracy 🙂

Not sure if it Would work if you apply a different but same looking Material ?

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Thank you zoomer for your input and as you suggested it, the workaround here is to offset the walls by a "little bit" to force the lines to show up. 


What I did was pretty straight forward and solved my issue

- select the walls 

- set bottom offset at 0.1 (tiny bit) in the IOP 

- set top offset at -0,1 (tiny bit) in the IOP 

- Eurêka 


I could imagine that it works as well if you offset the walls horizontally, but in my case it was on one hand more work and on another one I was afraid that it would messed up my attraction points. 


If you don't want them to appear, then you are doomed to be accurate. Bad news for the hasty drawers 🙂 


My walls and slabs are in the same class. So I also tried to move my walls in another class but it didn't help. Suggestion here for the VW team : Being able to say that if the objects are on the same class AND on the same plan, then merge them. Or not. If they are not on the same class, never merge them, even if they are on the same plan. Like an additional tick box in the Section VP IOP. 


PS: I am sorry if my English is not Shakespearian enough.  

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