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VW 2021 Undo bug?




I'm having many fairly consistent problems with Undo (triggered by a keyboard shortcut) with VW 2021 on a Mac. Instead of stepping through a series of undos, performing one undo reverts to the first version in the stack and doing a Redo doesn't restore the previous state of a drawing.


The big problem with this is that I've no longer any sure way of knowing what state the drawing is because things I wanted to keep may have been deleted.



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Guest Alex Sagatov

@DMcD We have seen this caused in the past by specific workflows/commands that cause a break in the undo. At this time, all known causes of this have been addressed.


Based on what I have seen in the past, we will need to track down exactly what you are doing when it breaks. This can be complicated. When you do the undo command and it goes back multiple steps, we need to figure out what step you did at the point it goes back to.


As an example:

Step 1: Draw a circle

Step 2: Draw a line

Step 3: Draw a rectangle

Step 4: Draw a hexagon

Step 5: Draw a Wall

UNDO --- Takes you back to just your circle on screen. In this basic example, this means drawing the line somehow caused the issue to occur. You can probably see why tracking this down is going to be a little complicated...


If you are running into this on a very regular basis (multiple times a day), the easiest thing to do would be record your screen while you are working. At that point, whenever the undo issue occurs, we can review the video and figure out what step in your process it takes you back to and see if we can replicate it.


If that isn't an option, it will be a little bit more hit or miss. If you can lay out the kinds of tools/commands you are working with, I can give those kinds of tools a run on my end and see if I can replicate anything.


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I'm occasionally having undo issues too maybe once every other day or so.

Seems to be skipping steps and Crtl-Y doesn't redo them.



1. I hit the crtl key to late for a ctrl drag copy action.

2. Object was moved from a specific location A to location B instead of copied.

          (note: I do this often - there is a weird lag with the ctrl key in VW on my machine - especially with ctr+spacebar zoom tool.)

3. Hit undo - the view changed to a different place on my screen (maybe a previous view?)  AND the object was still at location B.

4. Confused I hit undo again and object still didn't move back to loc A, but other earlier actions are being undone, some off screen.

5. Hit redo and some thing reset, but object still doesn't move from loc B..


And then it's back to working, but with odd changes in the project that I have to hunt down...


Frightening and unpredictable.

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The Tape Measure tool is temporary.  Click, drag, click, drag, click. The L field is the length of the last segment. The TL is the total length from the first click.  When you double click it does all go away.


If you want the dimensions to stay as part of the drawing you will need to use one of the Dimension tools.

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On 10/16/2021 at 3:09 AM, The Hamma said:

Now I’m continuing to have those same problems in 2022.

Oh no - seriously?!


I am sticking to 2021 for the time being - until it cools down a bit.


I've been experiencing issues with Undo usually after spending some time in the session and when I need to undo a few times - then it tends to break down. Sometimes it comes back to norm but mostly it doesn't and I prefer to relaunch the app. It's a shame to hear it continues through to 2022.

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