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Mystery Class

Ryan Seybert


Hi All,


I'm rebuilding a template from scratch and seem to have a mystery class that I cannot find the objects on the class nor can I delete.


Currently, the only objects in the document are title block objects.  I've been through each of the title blocks with fine tooth comb and everything is classed appropriately.  Yet when I try to just delete the class and the objects assigned to the class I get the error in the screenshot attached.


Any thoughts on how to track this down?

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 7.00.21 PM.png

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Are you really on VW2020 or is this VW2021?  


My guess is it is VW2021 and you have been bitten by the "Class Control for Plugin Styles" option.


Your Title Block is inserting in the Set-Platforms class.


Go to the Resource Manger. Open the Title Block Styles folder. Select your Title Block Style. Right Click on the Style and choose Plug-in Style Options... from the contextual menu.  Change the class to something other than Set-Platforms.


Select the title block inserted in the drawing and change it's class also.


Delete the Set-Platforms class.


You should be good to go.


Oh, and please update your signature also.  ;-)

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