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Worksheet Populating Triple

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I've created worksheets pulling data from symbol records.  They've been working fine for the past few months.  All of sudden it's populating each symbols data three times.  Anyone seen this before - have a solution?

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Correct.  Worksheets count objects in Design Layers, and Viewports.  So if you have one object on a Design Layer, 1 Design Layer Viewport that contains that object, and 2 Sheet Layer Viewports that are displaying that object (even if it is outside of the crop), you will end up with a count of 4 even though there is only a single object on the drawing.


The solution is to be more specific in your Criteria and specify exactly what layer(s) you are looking for objects on or what viewport you want to count objects in.


Glad you figured it out.

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2 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

...and 2 Sheet Layer Viewports that are displaying that object (even if it is outside of the crop)...


Is this true?


I thought they only count objects in Viewport Annotations. But you use worksheets far more than I do.

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Yes it is true. Each instance of a symbol in a viewport will be counted as a separate item from the one on the design layer.


Strange but true. Not too bad of work around to set the criteria, but disconcerting the first time you hit the problem.


I probably answer this question at least once per month here on the forum.

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Just tried in 2020 and it doesn't happen there either. I'd venture to guess that if it did ever happen that way it would've been a bug, since that sounds like a terrible way to count things 😉


I only recall it counting in these places:


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