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Hi all,


After I've exported a PDF document from VW to my computer, there is a password requirement to unlock the PDF document when post rendering in photoshop (or other editing). However, there is no prompt for setting this password or knowing what this pin is. I feel this might be a PDF weird thing. I've tried unlocking it in Adobe Acrobat, but it still asks for the pin. I am the creator of the document. I was never asked to set a pin for editing. I've tried going through all permissions and looked through all the document settings. So I'm thinking it might be something I've missed in VW. Any help?

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Yes, the Education watermark is not removable for general purposes.


VW offers a Student to Pro package where they will remove the watermark from all your files for you when you graduate (and I think buy a license).


If this is for a special purpose, you might convince them to unlock a drawing or two for you early. Contact Customer Support.

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The watermark doesnt bother me. Just the price you pay for free vw, but ive managed to put other drawings in Photoshop to render them. Im so confused. 90% of time its fine when you export as anything else, just PDF which unfortunately gives me the best quality for exporting. Most likey thats why i cant edit the pdf i think.


Thanks to all for replying

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