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writing data from vectorscript in a worksheet

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does there exist any possibility to write data from a Vectorscript-Script directly into an existing Vectorworks-worksheet?


I didn't find a corresponding command. (maybe because the command doesn't exist)


Alternative would be using "runscript" directly from the worksheet.


Therefor I need to read out column A and insert it as variable in the script.

(For example - A1: 1 -> "there are x 1-room-apartments")


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works nearly fine, however SetWSCellFormulaN only works with Strings or Char - Variables.

I'd like to insert an Integer-Value.


How could I do that? Is there any possibility to transform an Integer-Value into a String? Or feed a String-Variable with Integer-content?




    inString := EINZW;          
    SetWSCellFormulaN(worksheet, zeile, 2, zeile, 2, inString);



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In Vectorscript (and probably all of VW), Integers (and LongInts) are a subset of Reals. That means that anywhere a real is specified you can also use an Int or LongInt.


If a LongInt is required you can use either an Integer or a LongInt.


If an Integer is required, you can only use an Integer (unless someone else wants to do the multiple paragraph explanation of how a Boolean is really an subset of integer and can be used....). ;-)



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Actually, what I said above about Reals/Integers/LongInts is a little misleading.


Any Vectorscript function that takes a Real as a non-changeable INPUT can use an Int or LongInt instead of the specified Real value.


Anything that OUTPUTS a Real (or uses a Real that is changeable [using a VAR in the function/procedure declaration]) will require an variable declared as Real.


So an Integer can substitute for a Real as an input, but if you want an Integer from a Real output you will have to use a Trunc or Round function.

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