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Truss Weights

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Hi, I’d like to display the weight of a truss made into a hanging position with lights on. In the object the total weight is shown and I’d like to display this. I've not used data tags before and wondered if this was the way to go. I'm not using Braceworks and I'm not trying to show individual point loadings, just the total weight of the truss and fixtures.






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On 10/2/2020 at 12:05 AM, JBenghiat said:

Data tags can show the total weight field for a Hanging Position. 


Savvy Position Label can show total weights for Hanging Positions as well as any kind of Rigging Object without converting to a Hanging Position. https://benghiatlighting.com/software/products/pl 


Hi @JBenghiat , is there any option to summarize power consumption for all units on the hanging position or rigging object as well? Or only script can help? 

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@Alexey Trebukhin Data tags can only report on field values and not make summations. The Hanging Position happens to have a field that sums weight, so you can report it with a Data Tag. 

The Savvy Position Label will summarize wattages as well as amperages if you add the values to a user field. It can even deal with watts and kilowatts. I actually just discovered a bug with summing numbers in text fields, so make sure to test with 4.5.1 if you're interested.

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