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Palettes to realign from the top, snapping to fit


With VW 2021 there has been a major rework of palettes.


Weirdly this didn't resolve the only two long-lasting issues we had with them:

  1. Vertical resizing is performed from the bottom, not from the top, leading to oversized Attributes palettes and squeezed Basic and Tool Sets' palette. This happens to those who don't work with full screen and change document size often.
  2. On Windows, but not on Mac, the snapping palette still cannot be docked because it doesn't resize to fit Basic, Tool Sets, etc.


I addressed this already and apparently the engineers were not aware of us having problems with this, so please, if this disturbs you as well, do say it here.





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Described differently, but exactly the same issue.  I guess we sometimes do think alike _c_.;-)


Vectorworks Enhancement Requests /  VE-100868

Snapping and Attributes Palettes Fixes Size when Docked

Issue Type: Improvement 

Affects Versions:26.0.0 (2021), 25.0.4 (2020 SP4) 


Attachments:Palette Resizing.mp4 


Created:2020-06-17 01:40 PM 


Reporter:Patrick Stanford


Currently I spend to much time resizing docked palettes, especially the Snapping and Attributes palettes. The Snapping and Attributes palettes have no need to resize vertically when docked. All vertical resizing does is create extra blank space.

I have the Basic, Snapping, Attributes and Tool Sets all docked to the left side of the Application Window. When I resize the application window, all of the docked palettes resize proportionally to the size they take up.

It is not too bad when the window is reduced in size, but when the window is enlarged, all of the palettes grow. This results in unnecessary blank space at the bottom of the Snapping palette and extra space in the middle of the Attributes palette and I end up having to resize them down to their minimal size (which is completely adequate for them) to provide more space for the Basic and Tools Sets palettes which need more room.

I would like to have at least the Snapping and Attributes palettes to not resize automatically. Even better would be the option to indicate that ANY palette should not resize automatically.

As part of this wish, the Snapping and Attributes palettes should also not resize when the palette docked about them is reduced in size. Currently when you shrink the Basic palette, the Snapping palette grows. When I then shrink it back to minimum size, then the Attributes Palette grows. Then when I finally shrink the Attributes Palette back to minimum the Tool Sets grows which is what I wanted originally.

Please see the attached movie. Movie done in VW2020, but issue remains in VW2021.

Please create a way to set a fixed size or ability to grow/shrink on a per palette basis.


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Thank you Pat. I wonder why this wasn't implemented.

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Submitted in June, long after the 2021 tasks were determined.


My question is why I didn't submit this 5 or 10 years ago.  ;-)

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When one of the marketing videos for 2021 described a "completely reimagined interface" I cringed a bit knowing that issues like this weren't touched at all. While SOD and Quick Search are fantastic new features, they don't solve existing issues with the GUI. There are some bigger picture workspace things that need to be addressed. They've been discussed various times on these forums, but simply taking a look at Photoshop or Cinema4D makes you realize how the entire palette interface in Vectorworks is NOT slick. It's too idiosyncratic and dated.

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