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Lighting fixtures transparent until moved




I'm having an error in a file.  This error has moved from VW 2020 to VW 2021, so it must be the file.


When I open the file, all lighting fixtures seem to have a transparency. 


When I nudge a fixture, it turns solid.



The solid state doesn't save with the file.  I saved this as a new file with today's date, closed and reopened and the fixture is transparent again..


This doesn't seem to be tied to any class attributes that I can find.

I happens on the design layer and effects the sheet layers as well.


I tried removing breaking all references as well, and same results.


Please help!

This was a show that was canceled because of Covid but I'm trying to use this file to teach from. 


Thank you in advance!



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@wrios - This issue seems to be linked to your default attributes.


If you click in a blank area so that nothing is selected (Object Info Palette says "No Selection"), and then look at your attributes palette, the default opacity is set to 50%. This appears to be causing the gray out effect we are seeing initially. If you click on this opacity drop down, you can set it to be by class like the other attributes you appear to be working with (if that is what you want).


Nudging the object is causing it to redraw with 100%, because the class the lighting devices are in are set to have 100% as opposed to 50%. Doing a Spotlight Menu > Refresh Instruments will cause all of the lights to appear at 100% again.


To be honest, looking at this, I am confusing myself a little bit in terms of if this is working properly or not...


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@Alex Sagatov That worked!  I changed the default opacity back to "Use Class Fill Opacity" Saved and reopened and everything is solid again.  Thank you!  I needed another set of eyes to see this.


Weird that VW draws the lighting fixtures at the attribute pallet on open vs at class level like drawn?  Should this be submitted to VW as a bug?

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