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Clip Cube Shortcut


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@Peter NeufeldThanks for the tip - added!


Had a read of the Help link. Here's how I work with point clouds:



My primary method is to clean up the point cloud in Recap first so I only have the necessary info for a particular project. Aim there is to save file size and speed things up when imported to vwx.


I then use points isolation if i'm working on an area of the cloud on a long term basis as it's a pretty slow operation to change this. For example, if spend an hour or so working on modelling the stage area of a theatre, i'll isolate just that area. 


I use custom working planes on any object that's not set parallel or perpendicular to the page. For example, if a set of stairs runs at 45 degrees, i'll set a working plane to that angle. Then when I jump to right view i'm looking at the stairs side on and not at an angle. 


From there i'll use the clip cube to focus on certain objects in that isolation. For example, if i'm modelling all the legs on stage right, i'll clip down to just that area. 


I model on a layer seperate to the point cloud and have layer options set to 'Show Others' I find that snapping to point clouds is not the best method for achieving clean modelling results do to the millions of available snapping points. So i effectively trace over the point cloud and use my snapping options.



Here's where my issue is:


If my user origin is set to somewhere that gets clipped out when i'm modelling the stage right legs, then my snapping options don't work - meaning I can't snap to a degree or to another object on the layer i'm working on. I'm assuming this is because the working plane centre is now outside the clip cube. If i were to set a working plane for every movement of the clip cube, my drawing time would increase dramatically. - is there a better way around this? 


FYI - on a complicated drawing I might adjust the clip cube over a hundred times so it's not really a case of just setting a working plane every so often. 


Any ideas would be appreciated!



(I'd love to be able to clip just my point cloud layer and have other layers unaffected)

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The active working plane is wherever you are on the design layer, clip cubed or otherwise. The user origin also shouldn't be an issue with snapping and the Clip Cube. I'd make sure you are on the latest service pack and if you are, then you might contact your local tech support about this problem. In the enclosed screenshot I have set the user origin 1 mile to the left and am using a custom working plane with no problem getting snaps on objects on the same layer.






Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 3.19.10 pm.png

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