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How to make transparent walls


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You will have to set the Texture on the wall you want to see through to be transparent. You probably want to use Plain transparency and not Glass as the Glass textures require lights instead of just the default lighting.


Alternatively, could you use the Clip Cube and just move it up to eliminate the wall in you need to be transparent? You would still be able to fly around and not have the wall in the way. But that won't work if you need things to show between the viewer and the wall.

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Thanks!  I'll work on that.  I have one more question, unrelated to the first.  The space that I'm modeling has steel joists in the ceiling like the kind in the attached image.  I've been working with the Structural Member Tool (I'm in the Spotlight workspace) but I can't find a setting to make the right shape.


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1 hour ago, tpenna said:

Is there a tool for making walls that can be transparent when viewed from one side?  I'm drawing a room in 3D and want to be able to rotate around and be able to see through the walls into the room.


I assume you're trying to achieve a "dollhouse view" but Vectorworks can't do single-sided surfaces, unfortunately.


For anyone curious - here's an example of single-side surfaces - click this link then hit the "View Dollhouse" button in lower left. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=YWe14zFGZHe

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