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Removing Border on Viewport

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Try the script below. It came from Vector Depot...

{From Vector Depot}

{Patrick B. McConnell}


PROCEDURE doit(h : handle);


hVport : HANDLE;


hVport := GetVPCropObject(h);

IF GetLS(hVport) = 0 THEN SetLS(hVport, 2);

IF GetLW(hVPort) <> 0 THEN BEGIN

{alrtDialog('Not zero');}

SetLW(hVport, 0);



{ alrtDialog('Zero');}

SetLW(hVport, 12);




ForEachObject(doit,((SEL=True) AND (T=122)));



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I like using something other than "none" and using the toggle because it takes a step or 2 out of the process to edit the crops. Just my reasoning. In fact, I have several such toggles that have taken the hassle factor out of a lot of my drawing.

Have you seen Panzer's ViewPort Pack yet? One of the tools generates crop object(s) on the related design layer(s). Very useful if you're wanting to adjust drawing geometry to fit a particular VP. Take a look @ www.panzercad.com.

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Does anyone know how to get rid of the border when your viewport is an interior elevation? The same toggle is greyed out for those, and I can't seem to edit a would-be crop where I could select an object and change its line attributes. I don't want to start putting all sorts of white rectangles all over my printable, templated page.





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