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Make Custom fixtures work in Vision

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Hey everyone, I have a few questions. At my venue, we use Vista 3 and about 50 of LED lights from Vello Lighting in China. However, these types of lights are not in the Vectorworks library. I would like to use Vision to help plan out my shows. Is it possible to use custom fixtures in Vision? If so, what would be the best process to accomplish my goal. Thanks, have a great day!                                                                

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can access the GDTF fixture builder directly inside of Vision, by right clicking on the fixture. This is useful because the fixture builder will provide you with feedback on any errors inside the fixture which will give you an idea if the GDTF is the issue or something at our end.


If it is the GDTF that has the issues the best place to get help is on the GDTF forums, I am not familiar enough with the fixture builder myself to be able to help directly. The forums can be accessed on the GDTF website and the dev team that supports the standard is very active and will be more than happy to help.


If the problem is at this end, let me know and I'll get a bug report opened to address it.

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I am also having problems getting GDTF fixtures to work with VW/Vision.  I am trying to build a Wybron Nexera because the Nexera Fixture Mode in VW is broken.  I have made a fixture in GDTF Builder and have compared the GDTF files I created with the Generic GDTF files in VW.  They seem comparable.  Yet I still have two major problems when I merge the fixtures into vision:

  1. Fixtures turn on when selected but do not respond to DMX.  I have turned all four DMX channels to full and nothing happens. I have tried creating several different custom fixtures in EOS and none of them work.
  2. Fixtures appear in very different locations in Vision from where they are drawn in VW.  Units in VW drawing are set to mm and I am merging the lights as GDTF fixtures, also using mm as units.

If there are any GDTF wizards out there I'd love some advice!




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4 hours ago, alfeltsld said:

@jcogdell I put my question in the GDTF forum, and they are saying that I did everything right. So I believe it is a problem on the Vision's end 

can you get me your GDTF file?  I can dig into it.  geometry should pass over no problem.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Looks like you used the default geometry from the fixture builder, so not sure why it is not passing over, will dig a bit more into it.  One thing I did notice in your DMX was that the pan and tilt are set to 0 deg start.  It should really start at the midpoint so it can rotate CW and CCW.  and default value should be set to 50% of the total value.  You also want your dimmer to be able to be controlled by the master dimmer, so that needs to be set.  Without a DMX chart the rest of it looked correct.

Will let you know what I find about the geometry.

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