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Renderworks styles not working


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On 10/4/2020 at 6:51 PM, Pat Stanford said:

What version of VW is this? Renderworks has been included in all versions of VW since at least VW2017.


Have you tried restarting VW? Have you tried restarting the computer?


If neither of the above work, try reinstalling VW.

I have this same issue and have uninstalled and reinstalled yet am still encountering this problem

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The next step is to try a new User Folder.


If you are on a Mac, you can use the Users and Groups control panel to make a new user account, log into that account and launch VW. If the problem goes away, then there is a problem in your User Folder. If not, it is something more serious.


Alternatively (Mac and Windows) you can quit VW, rename or move your User Folder and restart VW.  It will create a new user folder. If the problem goes away then again, the problem is in the user folder. If you don't need anything in there then you can throw away the renamed folder. Or you can try and put back the original and figure out what the problem is.


If the above does not work and you have already done a reinstall, the next step would be a complete uninstall and reinstall including checking the preferences folder to remove any trace of Vectorworks and Nemetschek.

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