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bring back multilingual calculation report !!!

Jim Kunzendorf

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in some previous  versions it was possible to select the language for the Braceworks calculation report. This option has been removed with some service pack.
It is completely unclear to me why. I use the international version of VW. In this respect the languages of the most important markets should be available.
Since the language selection already existed, it should not be difficult to integrate it again.

regards Jim

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Jim


As far as I am aware, only the localized versions of Vectorworks allowed a user to select a Language for the Braceworks calculation report, so the German version of Vectorworks would allow you to choose either German or English but the International English version of Vectoworks only supports English.

The only exception to this that I know of is that if a document/file was created using a localized version of Vectorworks and then is worked on in the International version, the Braceworks report will use the original language the document/file was created in. I'm not sure if this is intended behavior but it seems to work consistently  with all the files that I have access to that were originally created in German.

If this is not your experience could you give me some examples of how it worked differently for you before and how/where it has changed?
so I can follow it up (I only have access to the standard international License not any of the localized licenses)

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