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Heya Team,


I am in the process of building our new titleblock in 2021, and I've hit a bit of an issue that I'm sure has an easy fix. In previous versions I have completed the titleblock and sheet border and saved it as a group symbol (with the red text) then I could save that to our symbol library which let me drag it in to a new drawing easily. I have noticed when creating symbols now, there is no group option. This means if I save my completed titleblock and sheet border as a regular symbol it doesn't work correctly when I bring it in. I would also now like to have multiple titleblocks available depending on the project.


How would you suggest I save them for easy access by all of the VW users in our company? Thanks a million!

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Thank you for getting back to me @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, I have attached a screen grab of the create symbol dialogue. As you can see, I don't have the "Convert to Group" tick box. It seems to be something specific to the Title Block Border symbol, any other group of objects I attempt to create a symbol from gives me the option to convert to group.

Create Symbol Dialogue.jpg

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@Haydenovative Just to be sure. This is a Vectorworks Title Block Border object we are talking about and not just a symbol you have created to use as a title block?


The Convert to Plugin Object option is equivalent to the Convert to Group. If you have more than one object selected when you make the symbol you with get an option of Convert to Group. If you only have a single object then you will get a Convert to Plugin Object if it is a PIO or Symbol or Convert to Group is it is a single object, but you won't actually get a group when you insert it, but rather the single object.

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