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less clicks and more efficiency



When I heard 2021 was going to implement 50 efficiency changes to streamline user experiences and less clicks I was excited, I was unrealistically hoping you employed someone with some logic to reassess the program, I was disappointed.


Why are there all these unnecessary clicks, there are too many to mention but there's one that drives me nuts and is super easy to explain.  Enscape in every other software has 1 button to start the render, you click it, you wait a little bit and the render appears.  In Vectorworks you click the button that looks nearly exactly like every other software's start button and you wait for it to appear...  you keep waiting, then you keep doing more work thinking enscape is still processing the request.  Finally you realise after a minute there's another button that looks nearly identical you needed to click after the first button.  2 clicks to start a render and a minute of frustration.


In this case it might be the 3rd party app that's the issue, which it decided only in Vectorworks to create these extra steps?


It's just one example.


The other super painful click which gets me every time is the orbit tool.  You can move from 2d plans to 3d orbit holding the Ctl+middle mouse button.. GREAT!!  but it only orbits around the last placed interactive origin mode, you can't change this origin point when you are in this orbit mode.  The only way to have this option is to click on the orbit icon to engage the orbit tool, the tool is halfway there but hopeless.  Every other software changes it's orbit axis automatically from the location of the cursor when you engage the orbit tool.  Not Vectorworks, you need a click to place an interactive origin point hundreds of times a day.


Keeping 1 interactive origin point is fine for modelling an object but orbiting around a huge masterplan is hopeless with your orbit tools.


Users have mentioned they overcome it by buying an expensive 3d mouse, do you expect new users trialling your software to buy this mouse before they download the trial software to test?  Or do you expect them to be suitable frustrated that they decide on a different software?  Or do you expect them to already have one of these expensive 3d mice to test your software? 


They don't own this mouse, they haven't ever needed it because all the other 3d software's haven't needed it.


Please fix the orbit tool, let users decide how to set it up the way they like it.  You are putting off new users with the tool you have, orbiting is fundamental.



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