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Multi Circuit Instrument

Gabriel Chan

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Trying to create a multi-circuit symbol. Working on Vectorworks 2020.


I have created lighting symbols for the individual cells. They all have a z height of 0. I then add 2 3D loci also with a height of zero at where the clamps would have attached onto the pipe.

So with the 6 objects selected, i.e. 4 individual cells + 2 3D loci, I proceed to create symbol.


Thereafter, adding a light info record to this newly created symbol, I manage to insert the multi circuit symbol. However, examining the positions of the clamps, it seems they are not in the right position.


Is there a solution to rectify this, or is this a bug?



Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 9.54.30 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 9.54.40 PM.png

Multi Circuit fixture.vwx

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This is  not perfect but it all lines up and focusses. The Top View needs some refining.


It's all about getting the parts records on correctly as you would a regular Instrument Symbol. Each Light Symbol should have no more than 4 items in it - Base, Yoke, body and locus.


Take a look at the modified file and come back with questions......


Multi Circuit fixture.vwx

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Hi Mark,


Incidentally, I attended your webinar just yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I was the one asking the question on whether to place the NURBs curve for better snapping on the same class as the truss geometry or not. Will definitely be looking out for that video when it is made available.


Anyway, I'm looking at the modified file, and it seems that you've shifted the 3D loci to all coincide on the same x-axis, and the geometry seems to line up pretty well. The only issue is that the beams now originate from this new 3D loci position. Which I suppose is alright if I am not rendering the look for a client.


I was planning to give up on the lights focusing to a proper focus point and just have it "pre-focused" in my symbol orientation. After a bit of fiddling, I did find a workaround by replacing the nested 3D symbol of the clamps with just the 3D geometry of the clamps affixed to the geometry of the yoke. This helps to retain the beam originating from the centre of each cell.


Thanks for the help!





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