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Scale Issues

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I have been creating a standard template for use in our office. Somewhere in my editing this file, the print scale changed such that 1/4" scale prints as 1/8" scale, 1/8" scale prints as 1/16" scale, and so forth. Under the print dialogue box, the scaling is set to 100%, so this does not seem to be the problem. If I create a new file not using the template, I do not have this problem. Does anyone know how I might fix this without having to start over?

VW12 Architect

OSX 10.4.5

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I'm not sure if this is relevant, however I went through a similar problem yesterday. In my case I had used the Modify menu's "Scale Objects..." command during the drawing process and had neglected to uncheck the "Entire Drawing" box. Until I had figured this out my entire drawing including dimensions, notes, etc. where the wrong size though the dimensions still read the correctly.

I hope this helps.


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MullinRJ ... that worked! I was going to Page Setup -> Printer Setup... button -> Settings -> Page Attributes. The scale was reading 100% in this dialogue box. When I checked, the under the 'VectorWorks' dropdown, it was reading 50%. Why are there two places to change the output scale? I cannot see an obvious reason for this.



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I have no idea why there are 2 scale settings. I just poked around the Page Setup box after reading your post and found the other scale setting. Before that, I had no idea it was there. I'm sure there is a reason for it and we may find it useful someday. Glad I could help.


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