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Looking forward to using 2021

Jim Smith


Looking forward to using 2021 - after the first SP (I'm even going to try & get over the cartoon icons).


Have not really seen if there have been any improvements to the many BMW's (B____ Moan & Whine) at the top of my list is the stair "tool".


- Kicking myself for using it in a hurry rather than creating a model & the stair created just goes away. But not gone gone, just in most viewports, & not in others.

I know, don't ever use it but sometimes I think "oh just this once". In future I'm going to put a Toonie in a jar every time I think that thought & just make a model.

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Class visibilities.


Visibilities are set for viewports when they are created. Most people use the setting the new classes are set to Invisible in already created viewports.


Use a PIO that uses internal classes (like a Stair), and those classes will be invisible in the existing viewports.


Easiest is to use the Organization dialog box in Visibilities mode so you can see all of the classes in each viewport. Select multiple viewports and turn on the classes in all of them at the same time.

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9 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Use a PIO that uses internal classes (like a Stair), and those classes will be invisible in the existing viewports.

This is one of the things that annoys me a bit with PIO's that have their own internal classes.


It would be better if the internal classes would be visible by default, unless the user specifies otherwise, and have the visibility of the object be controlled by the class that the object is inserted into. I.e. if that insertion class is not visible, then the object shouldn't be visible either simply because it resides in that class.

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