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Urgading to VW12

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I jumped into the VW world a couple of years ago at 11 and it seems the 11.5 upgrade passed me by. I would like to keep my software up to date a would like to hear comments on upgrading directly to 12.

I'm working on a 2GHz G5 iMac running Mac OSX 10.4.5 (Tiger)

I'm cautious because from previous biitter experience the motto "if it ain't broke , don't fix it coms to mind".

Everything is mostly pretty stable at the moment, except for having to replug in my dongle most mornings as the red light doesn't come on at restart and that the help menu doesn't dispaly individual pages. (minor stuff)

look forward to your comments

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the reply. I've downloaded the upgrade file but I'm very worried about installing it given the general chatter in the other discussions relating to OSX 10.4.5 and VW compatability. I think I'll sit tight for a while and keep an eye on the other threads.

Unless someone can give me a cast iron guarantee that I'll have no problems

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No "cast iron guarantees". I am running 10.4.5 with VWA11.5.1 on a Dual G5.

The computer is on all day and put to sleep at night. On the weekend I usually restart just for good measure.

In other words, OSX is rock solid and so is VW. Other programs may quit on me but I cannot remember the last time that VW did.

I believe that the "other chatter" that you refer to is for VW12. HIstorically that chatter will die down with the release of 12.5.1.

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Our office is running VW11.0.1 with no problems.

We did install 11.5 on a couple of PC's, but have reverted back to 11.0.1 due to stability problems. After using 11.5 for a while, I can say that there are no major improvements that will make you more productive than using 11.

We also like to keep up to date, but are waiting for further maintenance releases of V12 to come out.


VWA11.0.1 WinXP

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Hi Kevin, thanks for the link. Certainly seems like there are several new goodies in the update.

I'll probably run the 11.5 install when things aren't so busy or maybe over a weekend so I have time to mop up any issues, and hope that BGs' points don't come and bite me in the rear

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