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Since I use Firefox browser and Linux,

I also like the default behavior to recognize extra mouse buttons as

forward and back buttons. I like that behavior system wide in Linux

and Windows. Like in File Browsers and such.


So I would welcome that behavior in VW very much too,

as long as there are no Apps specific Commands assigned for VW

as in special drivers like 3DConnexion and such.


why not !

Special assignments like my X=select and Zoom Geometry in

View Window only - forward back in Organization Dialog or when hovering

over resource manager and such.

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@zoomer I do have the forward and back buttons on my 3dconnection cadmouse mapped as the wireframe and openGL commands.  So somehow the context for those buttons would have to change when I'm in the resource manager vs in the rest of the application.  I assume said context change wouldn't be unique to 3dconnection devices, but I understand it might be tricky.

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50 minutes ago, A.D.K. said:

but I understand it might be tricky.


Yes, I also think that would need some unexpected intelligence from VW side.


But nevertheless,

My MS Intellimouse Explorer doesn't work reasonably on macOS anymore

since many years when MS ended driver support for Macs. And I have other

nice interesting mice without drivers for Mac

So far macOS ignores all extra buttons beside LMB, RMB and Scroll Wheel or MMB.

Maybe BetterTouchToll or such 3rdparty solutions would help.


On Linux they are used automatically as forward/back although no driver.

Same on Windows.

So it would be nice if VW would also recognize Button 4+5 also at least as

forward/back by default (anywhere)on any OS,  if not specific defined else

by a special driver software.

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