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It's one of those small things that you get used to after a while but it still takes a short moment to adjust if you automatically click in the same spot in the other panel. However over time it does add up with all these small (and not so small) inconsistencies.


One factor in a good workflow/UI is being able to do things without knowing you're doing them, i.e. you don't have to pay attention to it because it is an automatism that just works.


I used to have that with AutoCAD, someone once asked me what I just exactly did to get something done and I couldn't tell because it was all automatism. With VW I have this to a  (sometimes much) lesser extent, which is imho too bad because it indicates a non-optimal UI.

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i totally agree! there are many little things i would love to change which you notice only if you work a week for 10hours a day ... the level of concentration is exhausting but a UI designer who doesn't works with a program will never notice... the goal should be the automation of a musical instrument...you wouldn't change the keys on a piano maybe only on the left side or the change the pedals because you like it that way...

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