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Worksheets disappear on sheet layers

Luciole Design


Sometimes worksheets will disappear from a sheet layer. There is nothing hiding them, their classes and layers are on, but they will not display. When I open the sheet, the worksheets flicker briefly, then disappear. The only (bad) solution seems to be a restart of VectorWorks.

Does anyone have a better way to make them appear, and if so will it stop them from disappearing again? Restarting Vectorworks is not a fast process!

iMac 27", 40 GB RAM, Mac OS 10.15.6 (and earlier). This is a continuing issue from vwx 2020. 

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Are the worksheets ON the sheet layer, or IN a Viewport?


If they are ON the sheet layer then the correct class has to be set to be visible in the Navigation Palette/Organization Dialog Box.


If they are IN a Viewport then the correct classes have to be set to be visible under the Classes button in the OIP when the viewport is selected.


If the worksheets are in a Group or a Symbol then the classes of both the worksheet and the group or symbol (container object) have to be set to be visible.


99% of the time disappearing objects are due to class or layer visibility issues.


Can you post a file for us to take a look at?

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The worksheets are on a sheet layer. There is nothing hiding them, their classes and layers are on, but they will not display. All layers and classes were set to visible.


This happens on multiple files. The next time it hits a smaller one I'll send it (this file is rather large with lots of 3D info on a large site.


Reality check: if hidden classes/layers were the culprit, how come they magically reappeared when I restarted VectorWorks???

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I think I said 99% of the time.  ;-)


I would still love to see a file and see if we can figure out what is happening.


When you post the file, please also post as many of the preceding steps before it occurred as you can remember.


This is not something I have heard of before, so it will be interesting to try and figure out.


The next time it happens, can you try and right click on the worksheet and Force Select and see if that brings it back?

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