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Is there a way to summarise items / sort items in a worksheet in which the data is imported from an excel spreadsheet, rather than created from the drawing as a database? 


When I'm trying this, the sort / summarise / sum items all appear to be greyed out.

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There is no built in way to sort spreadsheet data, only database rows.


Could you sort the data in Excel before importing?


A script could be written that would be able to sort spreadsheet rows. Would a single column sort be acceptable? Moving entire rows? Or do you need to be able to reorder just a portion of a row?

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@Pat Stanford I don't think I can do it in excel either, though I'm not an excel whizz and I maybe could with some research!

A quick google tells me I need to learn PIVOT tables, which look awful 😂


I have 200+ entries / rows, where one of the columns is text responses to a consultation.

Many of the text responses are the same, so I'd like to summarise the duplicates, so that on the drawing I just get each response once. 


I've done this before with the database function lots and it's really helpful.

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Excel for Mac 365.  Data Menu or Data bar.  Select the area you want to sort. Choose Sort.  The A->Z and Z->A options are the most basic. The ZA/AZ Sort button lets you select one or more columns to sort by.




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@Pat Stanford Thanks! I can sort A>Z in Excel, just can't summarise unfortunately.


@Tamsin Slatter Thanks for the link! I'll give it a go 🙈 My brother's an accountant so I'll maybe see if he'll do it for me for the price of a beer!

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That is true. You will have to use Pivot Tables to Summarize.


I am not certain if that summarization will carry over. It probably will is you are careful and only copy the text instead of the formulas.

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