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How to keep dimension properties (end markers, text) constant in Viewports of different scales?


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As a relative newcomer I'm having trouble keeping dimension properties and text sizes constant at different viewport scales. This is in the context of architectural contract drawings.


What are the 'best practice' settings or methods for doing this. For example, I want a 'universal' text size of 10 pt and a 0.03" dot as end marker.



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Set your design layer scale for your model design layers the same as the viewport scale for your main plans. For your main plans you can then either dimension on the design layer or in vp annotations. (Markers, line weights, line styles etc will appear “normal” whilst working in the  Design layer too).


For other plan vps that are not the typical plan scale you need to dimension in the vp annotation layer as Wes said.


Place dl dimensions in the “Dimensions” class so they can be turned off in the non typical plan scale vps.

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13 minutes ago, Wes Gardner said:

@Inspectorjack, are you getting the small GREEN squares in your viewport?





Thanks for this tip. It seems the associative points can be determined by the green squares.  Yes, I get them on the wall vertices but not on the PIO window objects anywhere.  I can move walls and have the Associated dimensions update.  Just need to figure out the PIO settings that will allow this as well.   Thanks again.

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Sorry I misread your question. No you can't edit the dimension to change the size of the window. Since the Window is a Plugin Object you have to edit its size view the Object Info Palette or the Settings dialog box.


You can use the Edit Design Layer option of the viewport to make it easy to get to the Window so you can select and edit it. Be careful with the Add Reference Crop Object. It will put a bright green poly the size of your Crop object on the design layer. Make sure you delete it when you are done or it will show in your other viewports as well.

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On 9/21/2020 at 4:08 PM, Wes Gardner said:

@rlb...the best practice approach is to do your dimensioning IN the viewport - the dimension, text, etc will remain constant. (Page Based)  If you do your dimensioning on design layers the dimension, text, etc will not (World Based)






Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.05.17 AM.png

Hi Wes ..i was wondering how is this possible to do dimensioning in a VP as this sheet is always in 1:1 ....when i try to dimension in a 1:50 detail in my VP the dim i get is not related to the 1:50 detail but to the 1:1 sheet layer of my viewport  ---  so a 0.30cm is shown as 0.01...is there something that i am missing..?

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