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Feature request - Update Rack Elevation device offset


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I would love it if devices were offset vertically, rather than horizontally when running the "Update Rack Elevation" command.


It would also be really nice if Rack elements were more actively linked to their schematic counterparts.  There aha been a few times that I have needed to change the naming convention of components in the schematic layouts.  the names of the Elevation items is not updated, and the Room/Rack/RackU information is no longer linked back to the schematic device, and hence the attached Circuits.


I have not installed 2021 yet, so maybe these are resolved with that release.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @t-bud


Update Rack Elevation stacks rack-mount devices vertically and non-rack-mount devices horizontally.


We haven't made any change to linkage of Equipment Items to Devices in 2021. It is still by name. The relation between Devices and Equipment is many-to-one. You can have more than one device on the schematic that represents parts of a piece of physical equipment. A prime example of this are jackfields, but it's also useful in other cases. So that begs a few questions when it comes to updating.


Automating updating between schematic and equipment can be done but it will come at a price. Right now ConnectCAD lets you take workflow shortcuts through "illegal" states. You can copy-paste or duplicate objects fairly freely and then sort it out afterwards. If everything is tied together inside the software we would have to enforce consistency at all times. Not everyone would be happy with that. Many people have come to ConnectCAD after becoming frustrated by the constrained workflows imposed by other software.







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