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New ODM preference settings

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I was playing around with the settings for the new On Demand Menu and wanted to see how it worked.


I'm assuming that PrefReal(6902) returns time in very very small units?


What really has me puzzled is Section ODM Parameters, 6906.  There must be a misprint in the appendix.  Preference Data Type 4 is listed after two different preferences and has no function values.


But what really confuses me is that GetPrefInt(6906) returns a different integer value every time the script is run.  Even if the preferences haven't been changed.


Anybody see what's going on here?


Procedure GetODM;

		CR = CHR(13);


				'Use ODM:                           ',GetPref(6900),CR,
				'Show ODM After Mouse Idle:         ',GetPref(6901),CR,
				'ODM Mouse Idle Timer:              ',GetPrefReal(6902),CR,
				'Show ODM with Spacebar:            ',GetPref(6903),CR,
				'Show ODM with Middle Mouse Button: ',GetPref(6940),CR,
				'Initialize ODM Layout:             ',GetPrefInt(6905),CR,
				'Section ODM Parameters:            ',GetPrefInt(6906),CR,
				'Show ODM Search Filters:           ',GetPref(7000),CR,
				'Show ODM Command Context:          ',GetPref(7001)





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No Idea what is going on with 6906 but it definitely seems like a bug.


6902 should be GetPrefInt instead of GetPrefReal and return the value in Seconds before the ODM automatically displays.

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You're right.  6902 must be a misprint in the appendix.  GetPrefInt works.


At first I assumed that 6906 it was like text styles.  But there's no pattern.  Then I tried to see if the mouse position was involved.  But if you run the create text twice in the same script it still returns nonsense values.



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The 69XX prefs have not been added to the Appendix on the Developer site yet, so it is hard to tell what the formatting for the 6906 result was supposed to be.


No matter what, I don't think it should change. 


File a bug.

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Be careful with these. I tried GetPrefString(6906) and it froze VW.


The description does not make sense to only be a single pref. 


If there are four quadrants and each quadrant can have a different setting then you need at least 4 prefs. I actually think you probably need 8 or 12 to define everything that needs to be defined.



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I didn't even think of trying a string.  I tried GetPrefReal and it just returned a (nonsense?) real number.


I think you're right.  Either the documentation is wrong or it's a bug.  Could be both 🙂 



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