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VW2021 - Dimension tool broken completely

Kevin C


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Is this really on VW2020? What service pack.


It is unlikely that this is a bug that has not been reported in software that has been out for a year. It is more likely to be some sort of file corruption.


1. Can you try in a new blank file.

2. Have you restarted VW?

3. Have you restarted the computer?

4. Try going to VW Preferences and click the Reset button at the bottom left. This will reset all your preferences to factory defaults but you won't have to reenter your serial number.

5. Come back and ask again if none of these helped.

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I assumed it was for VW2021 as it would be unlikely it would be for VW2020 after being out for a year. The issue is not present on my system for both versions so if it is really in VW2020 then it is likely it is either a corruption or a computer/memory glitch as Pat mentioned.


Is this when using one of the default dimension styles of VW or when using a custom defined dimension style?

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My practice has been using VW since 2009 - I know what a bug is.




Start VW2021

New drawing (Architect Metric template)

Draw something (I drew a wall)

Draw a dimension - it may work

Go to document settings/units and change the dimension tolerances (I picked 3 decimal places)

Create a dimension - there's no dimension text.


To fix, you need to go to Text/size and select a text size - it seems that the text size is not selected (I picked 12 points). That seems to permanently fix the problem.


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I don't ave the architect template so used the landmark template and still couldn't reproduce it on my windows computer. A bug submit is probably the way to go to find out what is going (wr)on(g).


Edit: your reply showed up when posting, so you can ignore this reply if you want.

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I just got 2021 SP2. MacBook Pro with Catalina.


I always use dual dimensions. I have yet to start a new document, but i opened up a couple existing document and the imperial units have completely disappeared (as in this report) or they are stuck at whole numbers (even thou not and set to 1/32).


Metric units seem to work fine (doesn’t matter if metric or imperial are dominant).


I opened a 3rd document and i could not get it to screw up. All the originals are v2017



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