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Issue with duplicating light objects



I like to use multiple light objects for renders, rather than use just spotlight symbols - as I dont need to create focus points (which can get very tedious). For some reason, VW doesnt like me duplicating a light object after I set this with all the required attributes (colour, type, beam angle , etc) - then editing all light objects together in the Visualise palette.


I can successfully duplicate the light object in the design layer:





but when I try to select multiple light objects in the Visualiser palette and edit an attribute for all - the names of all duplicated light objects disappear and the objects can no longer be edited.






Even better, when a viewport is created from the design layer, most of the duplicated light objects inherit some very odd names:




After this happens, I can still only edit the original light object - "Light 1" in this case.


It seems to me that this workflow is perfectly logical - would love to know if Im doing something wrong.


Heres the VW file.


Light Render Issue.vwx





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Cheers Pat - but I couldnt make this work-around work in this case. The only attribute that would copy is the colour. So I would still need to individually set each with pan. tilt and   kind (spot, point, etc). When dealing with several light objects, I need to be able to edit parameters of several objects together. I cant edit multiple light objects in either OIP or visualisation palette in the design Layer. 



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