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VW 12 Not Responding

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Hello Katie, Robert,

Here's the situation:

After about 5 minutes or so the program stops responding. I am not doing anything fancy just simple manipulation. I have recreated the problem in different files. Same thing.

VW is behaving like it has a corrupt object -- I remember similar problems in VW 8.5.

There is no warning or error message it simply stops responding. Is there a way to check for file corruption?

Are there any other known issues?

When this happens every other program I am running is unaffected. This machine is just a couple of months old and was built to be very stable and very fast.

Windows XP Pro updated

VW 12.0.1 Designer

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I uninstalled (and verified all registry entries were also deleted) reinstalled and the same thing is happening. Very frustrating to say the least.

Is there a way to kow (besides these kind of errors) that a file is corrupted?

Any other suggestions?

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Have you updated the video driver recently?

If it's a brand new, out of the box computer, it's likely the video driver is several years old.

If that has been updated, a little more information as to what "simple manipulation" means would be helpful.

What type of object, what type of operations, etc.

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Thanks for the response Katie. I have done some experimenting and have more information.

I was hesitant to get into hardware/drivers because this machine is designed for high end CAD work and frankly I didn't want it to seem like I was posting to brag---but then I work from a home office and no one can appreciate it anyway so. . .

It's a dual -dualcore operteron.

dual NVIDIA quadro 4500 with SLI toggle

4 GB ram

4 10k rpm raptor HDs in RAID 0+1

I could go on but you get the point.

Every component has the most recent driver available (w/ no beta versions)

The additional information has to do with Open GL acceleration (the reason i paid 10x as much for the Quadros). i turned off Hardware accelerated 2D navigation in VW preferences and so far have not had any problems (one hour so far). But I have yet to really test it. If I come up with anything else i will add it here.

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Could definately conflict with spy sweeper.

How long do you wait before you check for not responding and quit the program?

Most of the time the task manager will report not responding, even though the program is still doing something. If the program is doing something to take priority of the processor, then it can't report the running process to task manager. It's tom foolery, almost!

My suggestion is to wait a few minutes and see if everything gets released.

What else are you running?

Does the problem persist in other files?

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Hi Vitanuant

Just out of interest why have you got this set up

and how did the decision to install a SLI configuration come about.

"dual NVIDIA quadro 4500 with SLI toggle"

You could say it's a leading question, so I'll explain. To my knowledge and understanding the only things making use of any SLI capabilities is games at present.

Whilst this may or may not be true in the future, I wonder if this may be the cause, and perhaps try running with just one card installed and configured/set up to see how that works.


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I think Spy Sweeper is the problem. I ran for hours last night with not even a slow down after shutting it down. Spy sweeper impacts a lot of other programs as well---most notable Windows Explorer.

When VW stopped responding i let it "not Respond" for hours on several occasions.

Interesting I could start a new session and it would work fine though even while the first was still trying to close.

I seem to have gotten off lucky with this quick discovery. You have successfully pulled of the Socratic method on me.


SLI is now manageable through a typical dialog box. Turn it off or on depending on what you are doing without rebooting. This make great sense for me because

I am driving three dell monitors a 20", the new 30" (fantastic by the way) and another 20". and SLI can only handle one. When I want to do some heavy rendering in any app that uses an Open Gl engine for example the speed is incredible. I have not loaded any games.

On my last machine (dual xeon, radeon 9700 Pro) the render times for some images may have been 45 min or so with lots of artifacts. On this machine they are in the 2 minute range. (not a very scientific comparison I know but I am very happy with it.)

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