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Weight and wattage counts for hanging position issue

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Hey everyone! 


I started to use VWX Spotlight in 2019 and I always face with some-kind of unpredictable issues that I used to think would be a "one button solution" for such a software. 


Most annoying thing is that it's not possible to make a report with counts of weight and wattage for the hanging position because weight and wattage are the text fields. 


But! My friend spend about 1,5 hrs in pyth and wrote script that converts those fields in numbers in one column and text in another(kg/w/etc.*) please find pics below.


This script even adds those parameters in Basic reports as an option to choose.



Well, my main question is: Why WVX inc. cannot do the same function as a stock in the spotlight(I've seen some topics about that issue before in this forum)? 


I don't know python lang(hope someday I will learn it) but I do really want and need some kind of this option to be in the Spotlight. It would be perfect if would be automated report as "Position summary".


Am I missing something? 


Any thoughts? 


PS: yes I know that this report doesn't include truss weight but I hope WVX inc. will make this "one button solution" one day with calculation of weights not only for the lighting units but for speaker arrays and projectors as well.



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@jcogdell thank you! I tried before this function and it works if you have only numbers in the field, but if you have units like "kg" or "W" in the same field, this function doesn't work! 😞 I couldn't find formula or function that could split units and numbers and put it in 2 different fields. Is there something similar to Excel function "Text to columns" in VWX

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