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Matthias Sch.

Rotate "Arrow" connection on TP?

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Hi, can someone help me please. I'm got stuck with one thing:


How can I rotate an arrow connection to a data panel socket?

I know, just drawing the circuit in the other direction would solve this in most cases, but if I want a connection from a socket IN to a device OUT but to the right direction, the arrow is always placed on the right.


EDIT: reshaping did not work.


See screenshot and/or attached file.


Thanks for your help! 🙂 

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 16.15.58.png


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Thank you.

I tired this already.

But as you said: This has weird side effects 😞 See screenshot.

The additional "07" could be removed by removing the tag. But the other connection still has the connector label on the wrong side.



Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 16.56.44.png

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Hi Matthias


For panel devices the rules are signal flow from L to R strictly. To model a term panel where one connector takes a connection from either side we use a special socket orientation called 'X'. This takes an incoming signal on it's left side and sources an outgoing signal on its right side. That the way we are able to make things work.


I can see what you are trying to do but I do ask myself - is this a real case? If it's a network connection it's IO anyway. Really all I can say is that we have to follow some rules in order to have the very useful drawing automation that ConnectCAD provides. To enjoy the benefits you have to work within that framework.





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Hi Conrad,

thanks for your explanation.


This is a real case, yes.

Attached, there is a screenshot of the actual project I'm working on.


We have 2 locations connected together with 24 CAT6a connections. This is shown by 2 DTP which are connected together.

And since CAT6a is not only for LAN/ethernet (bi-directional) connections, it can happen to send the data from a device to the patch panel for usage at the other location.

In our case, there is a HDMI to CAT converter, which extends a video signal to use it at another location. This is directional and therefore the device has an OUT socket.


But as i said, I asked for help 😉 So if I have to adjust my workflow, I'm happy to do it. I just did not find a better way? Maybe you have an advice for me?




Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 17.27.08.png

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Hi Matthias


Well one workaround is for this not to be an arrow-style connection. Is that do-able? Otherwise you could gather your tie-lines into TO and FROM so that the signals flow left-to-right.


At this stage I haven't got another suggestion for you. The logic of left-to-right signal flow is wired in to these panel devices - the arrows have to "know" somehow which way to point. We can bat ideas around here and maybe figure out another way but it's really dangerous for existing drawing to change this.


Best I can do,



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Regarding the workaround: I tried to avoid the direct connection, because the other socket is literally at the opposite side of the whole drawing 😄


An idea for a more permanent solution - just thinking out loud:

Currently, drawing circuits respect vertices on a path. This is handy for "forcing" another direction or aligning circuits next to each other.

What if arrow connections also respect vertices on a path? So no matter which direction the signal of a socket flows, the arrow always points in the direction of the next vertex?


Respecting the vertices would maybe also solve this issue, because a vertex can indicate the direction and the length of the arrow?


Best regards



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