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Matthias Sch.

Fast way for L/R connection mirroring?

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Hi there,


just a quick question: Anyone has a quick way to mirror connections of a device?

Like all R to L and all L to R.

See attached screenshot.


This is sometimes handy to swap to avoid all connections going half-way round the device.


If there is no quick way (besides editing the device, change socket direction and move all sockets to the other side), this would be a nice feature:

- way 1: Adding a tool or menu item to swap sides when editing a device (this would also work with devices created without device builder and also after creation).

- way 2: Add a "Mirror orientation" checkbox to "Device Builder" window, which just temporary replaces the R with L and the L with R in orientation column without saving it to user folder.

- manual way: just like way 2 but doing it manually. But that can be time consuming with lots of large devices.




Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 13.57.36.png


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Hi Matthias,

I would duplicate the device using Select alt-drag. Then I would double click the new device to enter its group.

1) Select the sockets on the left and set their Orientation to R, move them out of the way (Cmd-Shift-arrow to go by grid steps).

2) Select the sockets on the right and set their Orientation to L, move them to the correct place on the left of the device (Cmd-Shift-arrow to go by grid steps).

3) Select the sockets from step 1 and move them to their new location.


Actually quicker to do than to describe.

AND crucially, I would give my devices distinct names. This way the cable list will be easier for installers to follow.





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Hey Conrad,

thanks for the guide. This is exactly how i did it recently.

I was just wondering about a faster way 😉


Regarding the names: Sure, I do. But the screenshot was based on the attached test-file, to give the developer a simple explanation without digging through a huge project file 😉


Best regards


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Just checking up on you 😉 we have users who leave all their devices with blank names and then wonder why...



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