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Matthias Sch.

Grouped "Term Panel" sockets do not update circuit lines

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After grouping the sockets of a term panel for better handling, the connection lines do not update any more.


Steps to reproduce:

- create a new ConnectCAD document

- create two Data Term Panels with at least 8 sockets

- connect 2 sockets

- group each DTP

- move one DTP group > it works

- connect additional sockets

- move the DTP group again > the connection lines do not update any more


Even after "Ungroup", the lines do not update any more.


See attached video and vwx file.


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Thank you Matthais,


What a super issue description! Hey everybody!!! This is how to get your problem fixed fast...


In this case ConnectCAD is working as designed but it isn't behaving exactly as you were expecting. The Device object when it is moved, looks for Circuits connected to any Sockets inside it and reshapes them so that the connection is maintained. But Devices inside groups are not supported - ConnectCAD doesn't find them.


Should they be? Well maybe we can support that in a future version if there is a convincing case to do so. So my question to you is why are you grouping these devices?







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Ah okay, I understand.


I'd like to group a rectangle, a 24 connector DTP and a label together for easy handling of a group which should look a bit more like a Cat6a ethernet patch panel.

And yes, it works fine without grouping, but for easy handling I wanted to group it together to some kind of "device".



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And now I understand too !


Back in our pre-Vectorworks days we had a command that would turn a set of panel devices into a single device, and we had the opposite command to split them. When we translated ConnectCAD to SDK we dropped these because of difficulties in implementation. But they are useful so I'll put that back on the list. Can't promise you when but we'll look at it again definitely.



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17 hours ago, mschoeffmann said:

Yes. So then the panel is a single device which can be labeled and displayed like every other device? This sounds perfect.



+1. Would love to see this

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