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Plant annotation & others


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Hi I have couple of Qs

1. Suppose I have inserted few plants from Vectorworks resources. While inserting, I used different annotation, visualisation, tag details in OIP for different plants. For eg in some tick style is chose is cross, some plus, some have shadow, show show tag details, some don't. What is the quickest way if I want to uniform all these details for all the plants inserted, or I will have to now select every plant separately and change in OIP?

2. Suppose I make a sculpture by stackig one cube over another. And now I am edit the height of these cubes. Is there a way that the botz updates itself for the upper cube when I edit the height of lower cube?

3. How can I find dimesion (height) of this finished sculpture? Is there a way that height data updates itself once I edit the height of one cube in the sculpture.

Thanks for your help

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I believe that Data Tag will solve most of your questions. It is programable for single and or multiple specific data. You can control and set the graphics. And you can push data to a record format for worksheet data. As far as the sculpture question that is a bit more detailed and I will play with it to see if I can find a solution.


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1. Data tags will be useful but not perhaps for the graphics of the objects themselves? I'd use the magic wand tool to select them all quickly (edit the parameters to whatever is common - e.g. they are all plant objects, or on the same class, or something), then you should be able to force them all to behave in the same way e.g. by using a cross or having shadows etc. by editing those settings whilst they are all selected. Sometimes I've found you need to 'refresh' by selecting something you don't want for them all, and then change to the thing you do want - i.e. if you want them all to use a cross, you might choose a 'spot' tick in the first instance to reset, and then change to a 'cross', which then takes effect properly on them all.


2. Not my area of expertise but this sounds like you might be able to make use of 'symbols' as a workaround.


3. Maybe using groups would help here? You can manually measure using the tape measure tool.

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