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FixtureID in resource manager

Gabriel Chan

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It is a field containing a string value that acts as a filter for VW to find a fixture mode. Simply said it contains the fixture name 

it used to be visible in the OIP, but was placed in the background in vw2020. 

there is no need to edit it, it does it’s work in the background. 

The name fixture ID is often mistaken as channel number or fixture numnber as these terms are often used in the field. But that is not what it is in VW. 

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8 minutes ago, Sebastiaan said:

BTW for maintenance of old files I could imagine the need to edit you could try to edit the field in The recourse manager.

If you right click the lighting device in the recourse manager and click ‘attach record’, look up the Light info record, and then edit values. There you can edit the field. 


Got it! Thank you!

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