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Slab Textures on Angles



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Maybe because the Object is a Slab? (I don't use Slabs, I always use Roof or Roof Face. So not 100% certain.)


One other method, but it'a PITA: Duplicate the Texture then mess around with the angle of orientation of the image. 


FWIW, I believe Slabs were introduced a few years back for BIM compatibility. Roofs and Roof Faces are older gen objects. But they still work fine in most situations.

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There is some strange behavior in Vectorworks in regards to how many tool work.


Check out this video I just made, you might want to slow the playback speed for easier viewing.  Essentially, it demonstrates how to work around that warning dialog you got when trying to use the attribute mapper.  Note, the hardscape I used had a 2D fill for the attribute mapper to use.  This allows for the image texture to be manipulated in 3D.  If there is no fill in 2D, then 3D manipulation is not allowed for some reason.  Also note that I was unable to manipulate the texture in Top view, only Top/Plan view.  I can't explain the logic behind this software, but I can usually figure out how to get it to do what I want 🙂

Hope it helps with any experiments you guys do with slabs and roofs.





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Thanks Jeff v helpful.

This is all new to me.

So the texture on an extrude you can easily rotate using Attribute Mapping tool or in O.I.P.

The texture on a hardscape you can also easily rotate both ways but when you do it in O.I.P. the 2D hatch doesn't rotate, only the 3d texture. Incidentally, I found the Attribute Mapping tool worked fine whether in Top/Plan, Top or an Isometric view.

Slabs however I can see no way to rotate other than by editing the texture where you can only rotate it by 90 or flip it by 180. What if I have floorboards in a room I want to go diagonally? There must be a way


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@Tom W. It is disappointing that slabs behave differently.  If you need a texture rotated by an odd value for a slab, I guess your best result would be to open the image in an image editor to change it to your liking and create a new texture 😞  Alternatively, use hardscapes instead of slabs.  If slabs are required for architectural reasons, you could do your flooring as a separate object, but that kind of breaks the relationship between finish and structure.  Someone should make a wishlist item to fix Slabs 🙂



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Yes I did think of that, to modify the original image to get it orientated the way I wanted it, but I couldn't find where the source images for textures 'lived': I couldn't see any way of  editing it beyond the functions in the 'Edit Image Color' + 'Image Effects' dialogs. Be great to have two slab styles, one showing the herringbone pattern at 90 degs + the other at 45 degs + be able to switch between them easily in the model. I have a project with large internal brick floors where this would be useful. But the same would apply to wooden parquet floors + wooden floorboards you wanted at skewed angles... I'd probably prefer to have the different orientations saved as separate styles rather than seek to edit the texture in the model.

I am going to try creating some of my own textures from scratch as I need an English pantile roof texture which I haven't been able to source as a readymade texture but have found images of. So presumably in these cases the source image is retained where I originally saved it should I need to go back + mess around with it. Wish me luck...

Yes I'd thought about having a slab for the structural floor + a separate floor object for the floor finish, which would be necessary anyway where you have different finishes in different rooms I guess. But be preferable to do this with separate slab objects to benefit from their functionality + given the fact that the floor command is meant to have been superseded by the slab tool + presumably won't be around for ever: if you could control the orientation of the texture that is.

To be honest I'm still training myself up on all this + coming mostly from a theoretical point of view rather than practical as not really modelling anything properly yet, just playing around + working out how I'm going to approach several projects I've got waiting in the wings... 12 years of using VW just for the most rudimentary 2D draughting + been quite a steep learning curve moving into 3D/BIM...! But great to be able to discuss things with people such as yourself I appreciate your advice 👍



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@CipesDesign A nice reminder this morning...

The process for editing a roof that I cut a hole in.  I hadn't done it in a year or so, couldn't remember the trick

  • right click...nada
  • Menus and help...nada
  • Edit Group, success.

Why isn't this brilliant workflow shown in those slick marketing videos?

I can't imagine why they want to downplay this as most architect's I know love bashing their head against a well made interior partition.

This feature alone could get Vectorworks a ton of business 🙂


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