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Jayme McColgan

Whos still using a 2013 Mac Pro


hey guys,


so i just got my hands on a 2013 Mac Pro(12-Core Intel Xeon, 2 FirePro D700 6 GB, and 64gb of ram) and my 2018 baseline macbook pro seems to out perform it... is there anyone still using a 2013 mac pro. Has VW just moved past hardware from 2013? i can never remember what part of the system VW uses the most. Does it help that the mac pro has 2 graphics cards? does the 12 core Xeon help or hurt it? does VW2020 prefer clock speed over core count? 


my main workflow is Spotlight and occasionally OpenGL/renderworks.


thanks guys. 

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I have a base model from 2013 and it's fine. Don't try a 4K monitor on it though! Renderworks takes a while but otherwise Vectorworks runs smoothly. However, I am going to upgrade next year when I start earning money again!


Specs in my signature below....

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Me too ....


The 12 core is 1.5 times faster in RW CPU Rendering than my 6 core.

But it has a bit slower single core performance.

So in most tasks it will feel a bit slower.


64 GB is still more than enough for very complex VW projects.

(I have 24 GB only and no problems)


2 GPUs will not be supported but a D700 has 6GB VRAM which should

still work to load very large Models in OpenGL.

Of course nowadays GPUs are 2 times or more faster.


Since 2 years I have a Ryzen PC with RTX 2070 beside. Currently a 3950X

with fast single core performance and 16 cores and faster 64 GB of RAM.

So 4.5 times faster in Cinebench.

Of course that works faster and has more reserves. So it makes more

fun, beside the Windows OS.

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I run 2013 on a MacBook Pro 8.3 17" laptop with no issues.  A SSD helps to make things go faster but it seems to be just fine.  One oddity is the file when it saves no longer has an image of the drawing on the file icon like it did for 2012.  That is an odd thing and wish there was a way to fix it.

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