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3D Piping runs - 3D Polygon


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Any work around to get a dashed line onto a 3D polygon so I can have my 3D pipe run and still keep my 2D plan without needing to maintain a separate 2D and a 3D object?


Structural Member - Can get the view to look as I want and for the most part easy to overlay on my existing 3D polygons at the right height, bit that is super frustrating is that they keep trying to auto join and placing the risers/drops is a nightmare.


Framing member, no way to draw in 3D between two loci, which means having to guess/calculate the pitch/falls of the pipework rather than just inputting start & finish (as the structural member)


Piping run - only 2D


Any other tools that might do the job that I am missing?


I think to get it as I need, I will need to EAP to get the 3D shape, and then draw a 2D line over, either symbol or have a 2D & a 3D class

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7 hours ago, Itchy said:

Thanks @rDesign that has done the trick and will suffice. Just now need a BIM piping tool...

I have not tried it, but there is a third-party toolset called VectorMEP. Their website doesn’t have much detailed info / pretty pictures, but their YouTube channel (LINK HERE) has a handful of videos (now several years old) showing the different Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing tools.



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