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Vectorworks hangs every few commands



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SSD or spinning hard disk? 

How big is your file?

Do you have Save Viewport Cache selected?


These are all things that could cause a long autosave.


Try tuning off autosave and see if the problem goes away. If it does then we know to focus on save speeds. If it does not then we need to look for other problems.


Is you new machine truly clean? Meaning did you wipe it and reinstall the OS, or could there be adware that came with the system doing something in the background and sapping your speed?


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13 hours ago, nickMUGS said:


How do you do this?

Are you on a Mac or a Windows computer?


On Windows using an nVidia graphics card right mouse click on the desktop and you should get a pop-up menu with near the bottom of that menu an item called nVidia Control Panel.

Look for manage 3D Settings in the 3d Settings section, there on the Global settings tab you can choose to always use the nVidia graphics card instead of the on-processor GPU.

In the program settings tab you can do this on a per program basis.


It may happen that the setting reverts back to auto and then be using the on-processor GPU again (e.g. after a crash or an OS update or graphics card driver update). So when things get slow again you may want to check this.


For AMD graphics cards it is probably similar but I don't have an AMD graphics card so can't give you the specific steps for that.

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On 1/24/2021 at 10:32 AM, nickMUGS said:

What else should I try?


Recently I found out that something has changed in Windows 10 after a Windows update on one of those "patch" Tuesdays... forcing the software to use the graphics card instead of the on-CPU graphics no longer works (reliably) from the nVidia control panel, it has to be done through Windows 10 now.


1. Right click on the desktop and choose "Display settings" from the pop-up menu

2. In the dialog scroll all the way down to "Graphics settings" and click on that

3. In the graphics performance preference section make sure the "choose an app to set preference" is set to "Desktop app"

4. Click on browse under that part and select the Vectorworks application

5. Click on the line with the application and it should expand and show two buttons, options and remove

6. Click on the option button and you wil get a dialog window for graphics preference, select High performance and click on save.


Now Vectorworks should be using the dedicated graphics card instead of the on-board graphics.

Repeat these steps for any other software you want to force using the dedicated graphics card.


If you don't have on-board graphics but only a dedicated graphics card then it should automatically use the graphics card. Laptops that have a dedicated graphics card usually have both on-board and a dedicated graphics card and Windows is by default set to automatically select either one (but doesn't always if not rarely do this properly).



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