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Vision - Vectorworks - exchange new fixtures

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Hi all,


thanks to Mark here who arranged it to get the fixture request for vision done fast. I have the symbols for the requested fixtures already in Vectorworks, but the DMX-profiles of these fixtures are missing in VWX. In Vision all works smooth, but its a pain in the ass to exchange the fixtures in Vision all the time. Any idea how to get the DMX profiles into Vectorworks? With the VWX-files they are not integrated....or do I have some settings missing?


Best Thomas

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hey Thomas,


Which fixture are you having issues with? It could be an issue with your library, but it could also be an issue on my end.

In Vectorworks, you can assign any fixture mode to any lighting device by selecting the "Other" option in the fixture mode dropdown box in the OIP. When you select Other, you'll be given a dialog with all the fixture modes in Vision. You can then either pick from the list, or use the search bar below the list. If you don't see the fixture modes in the dialog, there's an issue with your library. If you do see the fixture modes, it's probably a typo on my part and I can fix it.




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Hey Mark,


in all these fixtures which are new. I updated the Vectorworks library and also the Vision. In Vision all is working but in Vectorworks I don't get these fixtures modes. There are no modes for CLF fixtures and also not for the American DJ RX One. But how can I solve the problem in my library? Update didn't help.






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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The Vision library files should be shared between Vision and Vectorworks if everything is the same version on the same computer.

If you are using different versions or manually updated the library in Vision or Vectorworks they may be out of sync.


Short of deleting and re-installing Vectorworks and Vision I would contact tech support so they can verify that the library files are in the correct shared location. 

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