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Error installing scipy module


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I have a problem,i have used some DomC´s nodes to install some python packages,The numpy and Pillow modules install perfectly but the "scipy" module does not install correctly, I get an error that  a 3.6 python version is required.I actually have the 3.5 version that comes with Vw 2020  How can i solve this problem? do i need to install a newer version of Python? Thanks.   


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Have a look at this thread, i'm not sure how much experience with python you have, but basically VW comes with Python 3.5 packaged within the VW environment, you ~could~ download python 3.6 and manually replace it within the VW installation, HOWEVER I wouldn't recommend this, as you have no way of knowing how that may affect the stability and functionality of Vectorworks itself which, as I understand it, also utilizes said python installation.


I believe python may be getting upgraded in an upcoming future release, however @Vlado is the man to answer that.

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