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vw 2018 crash on new surface book 3



As title states. Installed vw2018 sp6 on a  new i7 surface book 3 with 32gb ram and GTX 1660Ti. Launches splash screen fine and can see main window and menu's for a few seconds and then it will crash. Any ideas on how to get this to run. I believe the surface book 3 is not on the "official hardware supported list" but the spec are above min. required. Wondering if anyone out there has any version of vectorworks installed with no issues on a surface book 3. Or better yet if anyone had this issue and could point me in a diretion to trouble shoot and reslove it with.




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Not of any help to you, but just to note I've been running VW on my Surface Book 2 without problems for quite a while (i7, 16Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 1050).

Currently using VW 2020. Fairly heavy 3D models, just the occasional pause. Opening an Enscape window does cause the fan to start running fairly loudly though, otherwise works really well with an external monitor

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Yes, issue was Intel Icelake model i7 cpu inside surfacebook 3 model supposedly. Support was able to give me a new install build within the net day of contacting them and it installed fine and works great now. Overall very satisfied with versitility and horsepower in compact form of surfacebook 3. 

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