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Multi-Slot Modular


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The modular / rack frame tool is very useful, but have run into an issue with devices that are multi-slot and horizontal slot frame.

I create a frame that is 3 horizontal slots, 1 vertical row.


I have 2 devices, one that is 2 slots wide, one that is a single slot wide.


The single slot device drops into place as expected.  The double slot device occupies a single slot width and the shape changes size to be 2 slots tall.  Bug or is there no way to make a device 2 modules in width?  I have tried rotating the device 90 degrees and swapping the width and height measurements and several other tricks.  Any help?




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Jeff,


I think the first question is "how big a deal is this?". One simple workaround would be to set the  number of slots to 1 and leave a gap to the right.


Wonder if the Use Symbol option would work? If you created a symbol for these particular cards?


Of course we could add an extra parameter Number of Slots Horizontally. But is this going to improve ConnectCAD?


Just a few random thoughts...



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Is it a show stopper? no. Does it keep the documentation from being accurate? some.  Can I work around it? sure, it is just a few extra steps.  But those extra steps add up, so can we mark it as a feature request?  Several places I see this being helpful, such as the current rack mounting functionality only supports full width or half width.  There is often rack adapters for equipment that mount 3, 4 or more pieces wide.  The above example of the BMD ATEM Television Studio HD / Teranex converters and rack shelf for example.  The modular tool should support these modular rack mounts.

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